The Federal Polytechnic, Ile-Oluji, Ondo State has banned the employees of the institution from travelling out of the country without the permission of the governing board of the polytechnic.

The institution declared that any of its employees that flouted the order would be heavily sanctioned.

The Rector of the polytechnic, Prof. Emmanuel Fasakin, disclosed this at the institution’s Christmas Carol and Nine Lessons service held on the campus of the institution.

He said, “It is always my desire that we identify some members of staff who contributed exceptionally to the development of this institution in this course of the year, but some logistic hitches will not make that possible. Even if we will not be bringing individuals out to receive awards this year, I want you to know that I appreciate the efforts being made by individuals.

“Of particular interest to me are individuals who have decided not to join the ‘japa’ syndrome, especially in this dispensation when it has become the rave for people to run away from Nigeria. The droves of the people who ‘japa’ from the country fail to reflect on what will become of our dear country if everyone bails out because of the challenges we face. The country will be ruined completely.


“Well, I do not gloss over the myriad of challenges Nigeria is facing presently, but the situation calls for all well-meaning nationals to jointly find solutions so that our fatherland can be better. It is in the light of this that management has decided to invoke the full weight of extant regulations on those who have misused the various opportunities we are providing our personnel to develop for their selfish interests.

“No longer shall we condone travelling out of the country without adhering to the laid down guidelines. Members of the polytechnic should take cognizance that overseas training can only be approved by the governing council. Whosoever travels out of the country under whatever guise without the relevant approval from Council will have questions to answer, and if they cannot answer those questions satisfactorily, they may be sanctioned.”

The don, however, commended the employees who contributed to the development of the institution since the beginning of the year.

“Management does not treat the consistent contributions of members of staff and students to the growth of this institution with disdain, however minute such contributions may seem. As far as I am concerned, God is the arbiter of all issues and the true rewarder of human contributions. He is the one who sees in the dark and rewards in the open. What the Management does through giving awards to individual members of staff during this annual event is to appreciate those whose efforts are visible as a token of encouraging all staffers to give their very best at their respective beats to the service of the Institution,” Fasakin lauded.




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