The President of Vision Africa, Bishop Sunday Onuoha has said Nigeria is sliding into anarchy as a result of hunger, starvation and, frustration.

Bishop Onuoha stated this on Wednesday in a statement in Umuahia, expressing worry over the overwhelming insecurity and starvation amongst citizens in the country.

He urged the government to immediately rise and act to save the country from degenerating into chaos.

The Methodist Bishop further expressed that the country is gradually moving towards becoming a lawless zone due to the level of frustration in the country.


He expressed concern over how Nigeria got to its current state of insecurity, noting that no place is safe in the country.

The primary responsibility of every leader and government is to protect lives property and make sure the economy of the country is stable and conducive it’s citizens. It’s only when lives and properties are being protected that you can move and interact freely and as well enjoy the provision of nature.

“Today in Nigeria, it it is considered suicidal in some quarters to travel by road because of insecurity. Such situation is not good for the country”, the statement reads.



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