A stalwart of the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC in Abia State, Chief Ndukwe Iko has taken a swipe at the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government for its inability to confront the security challenges facing the country, saying it is more confused than the masses it leads.

Chief Iko says the President has demonstrated an inability to deal with the issues at hand, insisting that it is time to hold a national emergency meeting that would proffer a solution to the security issues.

Speaking with ABN TV in Lagos on Thursday, the businessman reiterated that the government was elected to secure the masses and must live up to expectations.

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He expressed dissatisfaction the mass killing of innocent people has spread from North East, the epic centre of terrorism to other parts of the country where banditry, agitationist agenda and criminality are on rampage.

“One wouldn’t say kudos to the current government for allowing free entry into the country especially from the Sahel region where people just troop in through Katsina from Niger Republic undocumented.

“They are not profiled and you see them walking into our country. It’s terrible. Nigerian borders are very porous. A lot of foreigners come in, some fleeing Boko Haram fighters and terrorists from other countries.

“Even in Lagos where we are, almost all the okada riders are from Niger Republic. Some of them are Fulanis and they boldly tell you that. There is no way the country will be secured without access control. Nigeria is endangered and everybody is hopeless” he said.



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