Bolatito, the widow of the Master’s student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile – Ife, Timothy Adegoke, who was murdered at Hilton Hotel in Ile-Ife, Osun State, has revealed how much she was offered to withdraw the case.

The young widow said she was offered N71 million to withdraw the case against her husband’s murderer, but she rejected it.

Bolatito disclosed this during an interview with The Nation newspaper on Saturday, June 3.

“I was once offered a bribe of N71 million to withdraw the case against Adedoyin, but I rejected it. They offered the same to my husband’s elder brother, which he rejected.

They started threatening him, but God took all the glory.

“The person that was sent to us said the money was for us to forget the case. He promised to get us a shop so I would sell goods.

I told the person that I was not interested in the money but justice for my late husband.”

Hope in the judiciary has been rekindled
Reacting to the judgement, Bolatito said the case’s outcome had rekindled her hope in the Nigerian judiciary.


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Recall that Rahmon Adedoyin, the owner of the hotel, and two members of his staff were sentenced to death last week by Osun State Chief Judge, Oyebola Ojo.

Bolatito added: “Yes, my hope in the judiciary with this case has been rekindled. Some people doubt that he (Adedoyin) might be replaced in prison, but I told them that God, who started His work, would finish it.

I don’t have any problem with that. My confidence is in God. He stood by me, fought for me and vindicated me.

“I was inside a church praying when I was informed about the judgment. Although I wept, I give thanks to God. He showed himself strong in this matter.

He backed me to get justice. I would have been happier if my husband had come back to life after the judgment.




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