A 23-year-old Kano-born Sulaiman Isah has revealed his determination to raise 10 kids from his 46-year-old American lover, Jeanine Sanchez.

The Kano Instagram Lover demonstrated an unalloyed zeal and determination to tie the nuptial knots with the Californian chef, whom he met on instagram about a year ago.

According to report, what started as a normal platonic relationship grew and blossomed into online courtship. The lovers are now set for marriage in March following the arrival of the American woman to Nigeria to meet her heartthrob and family members in Kano.

Sanchez who arrived at the Panshekara residence of her online lover, said she was in Kano not only to see her heartthrob and his parents but also to declare her intention to marry him. .According to her, she decided to trace her heartthrob to Kano because of her “genuine feelings” for him, adding that she has had several online dating but found Isah “more real and sincere”.

The mother of two said they have both agreed to get married and fly to the US where they intend to settle, adding that she has seen her dream coming to reality by meeting the love of her life.

Speaking to journalists, the 23-old Isah said him and his would-be wife have already deliberated and agreed on the number of children they hope for if God permits.

He sounded very emphatic when he said the age difference between two of them would not pose any challenge for them in raising the number of kids they have agreed on. According to him, “I am aware of her age, and I am equally aware of menopause stage but that will never be a challenge for both of us to get where we want to be. “So, I don’t think that age difference could be anything because love has no barrier; that’s one of the Sunnah of our holy prophet. As a Muslim, our beloved prophet has done something like that in his first marriage. I think that’s not a threat to me,” he said.

Responding to the question of who would decide the faith of the children from the relationship, Isah said, “The question of the faith or which religion the children will profess is nonnegotiable since I am the head of the family”.

According to report, Isah’s father had already given them his consent and the wedding has been scheduled to hold sometimes in March.


Isah, a 200-level student of Geography Education, is very upbeat about relocating to America to conclude his education and then build his family with Sanchez. Sanchez, whom our reporter gathered lives in a rented apartment with her two kids in California, is eager to receive her new husband with whom she had spent about three weeks in her first ever visit to the African continent. Isah told our reporters that he was ever willing to join Sanchez and her kids in California where he hopes to build a happy family.

He said after the wedding in March, he would remain in Nigeria for nine to fourteen months before he eventually joins his American wife in California. Isa told our reporters that his decision to opt for the white woman was because Hausa women are not romantic. He said he has had bitter experiences with a couple of Hausa ladies who he alleged go into love because of material benefits.

He said Hausa women don’t go into relationship for the sake of love but because of what they think they can gain out of it. He said, “I have had several relationships and it was a very horrible experience.

My experience with Hausas and most of Nigerian women is that they are very materialistic; they don’t like someone for the sake of love. If a Nigerian lady says she loves you, you have to think twice; it’s either because of money, or something. “I don’t really believe in Nigerian love” he added, recalling one of his terrible moments with a lady from Zamfara state whom he said left him stranded in “an island of love”.

“My experience in Zamfara was very horrible. When we started the relationship, it was honest, but as time goes on, she met some guys who were like more richer than me, then she decided to dump me,” he said.

He advised young men using the social media resources to always strive to be honest in all their dealings with friends on social media platform.

My advice is that people should always try to be honest, because if I wasn’t honest to her, she wouldn’t have travelled 13, 000 miles from California to Kano to come and see the love of her life.”

Sanchez who had traveled all the way from California to see her Instagram lover in Kano has agreed to marry the young man and fly to the US where they intend to settle.



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