Hope has been restored to latest beneficiaries of High Chief Daniel Okeke’s philanthropy as they have regained their sights after a successful cataract occlusion surgery sponsored by Chief Okeke through his Omereoha/Mezie Abia foundation.

High Chief Daniel Okeke is a renowned philanthropist and candidate a for the Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal House of Representatives in the just concluded 2023 election.

The beneficiaries of his latest batch of free cataract surgeries in 2023 are, Mr. Orji Ochonma from Oron Arochukwu and Mr. John Ifere from Amodu Ututu both in his constituency, Chief Okeke’s Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Oti Maduabuchi Orieji said in a statement.

The beneficiaries according to him expressed their sincere gratitude towards Chief Okeke and offered heartfelt prayers for his well-being.


The statement added, “The cataract surgeries were successfully performed by qualified ophthalmologists at Embassy Hospital Aba, ensuring the highest quality of care for the patients. High Chief Daniel Okeke’s commitment to providing free medical outreach and his dedication to the well-being of his constituents have earned him commendations, love and respect from the community.

“Chief Okeke’s humanitarian efforts have not gone unnoticed, as his constituents have been inspired and appreciative of his consistent disposition to assist those in need for over a decade. His philanthropic work through the Omereoha/Mezie Abia Foundation has served as a beacon of hope for visually impaired individuals and has positively impacted their lives.

“As Chief Daniel Okeke continues his philanthropic journey as a humanitarian, his compassion and commitment to improving the lives of his constituents shine through, leaving a lasting impact on the community he serves.”



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