Chief Ndukwe Iko, a stalwart of APC in Abia State has attributed the escalating security concerns in South East, particularly Imo to people he described as aggrieved politicians who in his opinion is taking advantage of the tense situation in the state.

The businessman who spoke with ABN TV in Lagos on Thursday further stated that agitationist agenda has a hand in the precarious security concerns in the region.

“Also politicians are taking advantage of the situation. Especially aggrieved politicians who have one or two scores to settle with their opponents especially in the case of the Imo State. I suspect that, that is what is happening.


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“The IPOB and other agitationists are also taking advantage of the confusion because they are working towards their answer. They actually want these things to be. So the situation is out of hand. Our pity is that the President is not talking. The President appears to be more confused than we Nigerians” he said.

While noting that the governors are handicapped as a result of the absence of State police which they can exercise control over, Chief Iko further emphasised that the collapse of local government administrative system that should form the bedrock of the peoples’ security has contributed in making the situation more complex.



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