The Lagos State governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Abdul-Azeez Adediran better known as Jandor has weighed in on the biting economic hardship in the country and is suggesting President Bola Tinubu should seek help and “reset the buttons” to reverse the trend.

Nigeria’s floating of the naira and the removal of subsidy on fuel has triggered a hike in the cost of living, sparking protests in some parts of the country.

But to redress the challenge, Jandor says there is no harm for President Tinubu to seek help if the situation is overwhelming.

“I think what we need to do is to press a reset button. Let Mr President go back to the drawing board and let him seek help. We don’t expect you to know everything we don’t expect you to do everything. You are there so that you can source materials to work with; materials that can assist you to work with.

”Let him let him look outward. Let him let him even look further inward, and surround himself with people who can assist him,” he said on Monday’s edition of Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily.

“Yes, you’ve had a lawyer team for over two decades that you’ve been together. It is fine. But if you have tried them for six, seven, eight months and they’re not giving the desired results and you cannot change them, you can still keep them and give them something else. We want you to succeed so that you don’t crush on all of us.”


‘Palliative Won’t Work’

President Tinubu and state governments in the wake of the subsidy removal with the attendant hardship rolled out several measures including palliatives to cushion the effects.

But Jandor who claimed the removal of subsidy was done without a plan, faulted the distribution of palliatives.

“I am not an apostle of palliative. It won’t work. If you give me rice today, am I going to take the same rice to the pharmacy to buy drugs?” he asked.

“Palliatives won’t work. We can’t reduce ourselves to this. Let the government do the needful by making sure that you increase the buying power of the people.”



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