The president of Vision Africa, Bishop Sunday Onuoha has urged Christians all over the world to pray for Nigeria and Africa over the economic challenges facing the country and the continent which has led the people to live in hardship.

Bishop Onuoha who stated this while speaking at the just concluded National Religious Broadcast conference in United States of America noted that if Nigeria crashes due to insecurity, unstable democracy and economic hardship, there is no country in the world that can accommodate the over 230 million Nigerians.

While speaking as a paper presenter and panelist at the conference, Bishop Onuoha emphasized on the importance of Christian leaders to live a life worthy of emulation.

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According to him, for the gospel of Jesus Christ to move forward, Christian leaders must be held accountable and responsible for their actions.


He called on Christian leaders to focus on gospel that are translated into social action because the gospel of Jesus Christ should not be detached from the daily lives of the people.

He also urged Christian leaders not to be intimidated with the growing increase of younger generation who are coming up to take over from them rather they should encourage younger generation who have subjected themselves for tutelage to take over from them.

The 2024 edition of National Religious Broadcast Conference was attended by Prof Chuck Pollock, Gordon Robinson, Jack Graham, Natalie Jones and over four thousand persons in the United State of America and from all over the world including the former president of America, Donald Trump who was one of the speakers at the conference.

National Religious Broadcast conference is the world’s largest gathering of christian communicators which is an annual event.



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