Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has made a resolute statement against the influence of ethnic politics in the state. He firmly expressed that pursuing any agenda that does not benefit the entire state is contrary to the interests of the people of Kogi.

Governor Bello highlighted the inclusive nature of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kogi, emphasizing that the party represents the interests of all ethnic groups in the state. During the APC Stakeholders’ meeting at the Government House in Lokoja, the state capital, he stressed that the party’s strength and his administration’s achievements, not ethnic sentiments, will lead to an overwhelming victory.

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“We must abandon ethnic divisions in Kogi State. Those promoting ethnic agendas do not have the best interests of our unity at heart. Kogi is home to every ethnic group within the APC. Let us not allow misguided individuals to hinder our progress,” he stated.

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Governor Bello expressed his confidence in the APC’s prospects in the upcoming November 11 Governorship election, highlighting the party’s remarkable performance in the last general election. He pointed out that the APC secured 99 percent of elective positions in the state and that all opposition parties have merged with the APC.


With a substantial political apparatus comprising about 1,500 political appointees, Governor Bello emphasized that the APC’s presence is pervasive throughout the state. He underscored the unity within the party, devoid of ethnic divisions. He likened the upcoming Governorship election to a contest between a heavyweight like Mike Tyson and a politically undernourished opponent.

“We will achieve an overwhelming victory, not through ethnic sentiments, but on the merits of the APC,” Governor Bello declared.

He urged party members to return to their grassroots, emphasizing the importance of strengthening their winning strategies. Additionally, Governor Bello cautioned against violence and called on party members to conduct their campaigns based on issues and with a peaceful approach.

Governor Bello highlighted past election victories of political figures in the state, emphasizing that they were not based on ethnic sentiments. He assured the people of Kogi that future elections, including the one in 2023, will be won based on merit and not ethnic bias.

Governor Yahaya Bello’s call for unity and the rejection of ethnic politics in Kogi underscores the commitment of the APC to represent and serve all state residents. As Kogi prepares for the upcoming Governorship election, the message of unity and merit-based politics stands as a guiding principle for the party and the state.



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