Nigerian singer, Adebayo Adeleke, has taken a trip down memory lane as he recalls some struggling moments in his life. Fondly known as B-Red, the young man is the son of Osun state governor, Ademola Adeleke.

Moreso, the singer is a cousin of award-winning Nigerian music star Davido. Although from a wealthy background, the singer revealed that when he started his music career, his parents were not in support.

In a recent interview with HipTv, he noted that his parents were keen on him going to school instead of a music booth. He said, “Before we started music, my parents did not help us with music for the first two to three years.

“If I take it back to before I came to America when I told my parents I want to start the music, they said no, we’re not going to take that, go to school.”

B-Red further revealed that to survive and make his music dream come through, he had to do three jobs in America.


He said, “I went to America, and I had 3 jobs at the same time. I was a cook at my brother’s university, I was working from 6 in the morning to 7 at night.

“At a point, I was working at Mcdonald’s where you sell burgers. I think I was hustling in my own kind of way so I won’t say everything just came easy. I had to work to get to where I am now. Nothing in life is easy, just push through where you are going.

“I was hyping my cousin Davido all over the world as a hypeman before he comes on stage. So, people already knew me as a hypeman and I had to prove myself extra hard. Any single I dropped, people weren’t really interested in the first 2 years. I featured people, drop good songs, and dropped hits. Since then everything has been good.

“I’m not where I want to be now but I’m pushing and I’m also grateful to God that we’re having a good time, we’re doing good, we’re travelling the world and we’re making money.”



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