Rabiu Kwankwaso, a former senator and former governor of Kano state, met President Bola Tinubu on Friday to explain the reasons behind the demolition of structures erected by the administration of Abdullahi Ganduje.

Ganduje had in a separate meeting on Friday expressed his anger to President Tinubu over the destruction of ‘his legacies’ in Kano.

Ganduje was so angry that he told Aso Rock reporters that he could have slapped Kwankwaso who was also at the Villa at the time to also meet with the president.

However, Kwankwaso, during his own separate time with the president, told Tinubu that Ganduje sold a university and constructed shops illegally.


Speaking with reporters after meeting Tinubu at the Presidential Villa on Friday, Kwankwaso said;

The president was shocked. Are you not shocked that somebody will sell a university? Are you not shocked that he demolished the only university? Daula Hotel, for those of you who are in Kano, you know the old Daula, demolished to zero and that is a faculty under the University of Science and Technology,” he said.

He demolished that one. Are you not shocked?
“The president was shocked. He didn’t know. He even mentioned that he talked to somebody to go and find out for him. But when I told him, I said you are a Muslim, very soon you are going for Sallah.

“How can you go under that circumstance and pray in that place? And even the Triumph place he is talking about, you are journalists. You should be angry because that’s your constituency, he demolished it completely and put shops everywhere.”



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