Paul Parker, a former Manchester United player, has named Christian Eriksen as the Red Devils star who is being insulted owing to a lack of indignation about his injuries.

Parker claimed Eriksen is a vital player for Manchester United, controlling the speed of the game, and that no one recognizes it.

He believes Erik ten Hag’s team is less capable of controlling games when Denmark international is not on the field.

Eriksen has been out with a major ankle injury since late January, missing 12 games for Manchester United in all competitions.


Speaking to SpilXperten, Parker said, “The blow of missing Eriksen has been bigger than expected. And that no one is talking about it makes me feel that he’s being disrespected.”

“He’s a very important player, but no one notices it. He controls the pace of the game, he’s the one to decide if Manchester United is going to attack or just relax on the ball.”

“I would say that United is less capable of controlling games when he’s not there. Fred and Sabitzer are brilliant players, but they don’t have the same brain as he does. But of course, United has made some great results without him and that might be the reason no one is talking about him right now.”

“But, I have to say that Eriksen would certainly make a good Manchester United team to a great Manchester United team.”



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