A clergyman, Rev. Obinna Osonwa has predicted better days for Nigeria despite challenges it currently faces.

Osonwa who is the Associate Minister at Solid Rock Parish Umuahia, Presbyterian Church of Nigeria shortly after his Sunday sermon told ABN TV that all hope is not lost for the country to regain its glory.

Speaking on the backdrop of the 2020 theme of the church, Arise and Shine, the clergy emphasized that even though the situation in the country may appear hopeless, there is still hope for the country to arise and shine.


“Many people are inside the pit. When I talk about the pit, I mean a state of hopelessness. If you look at the state of Nigeria today, everything seems hopeless. There is an attack on the Christian faith, people are not finding it easy, things are so difficult, there is famine everywhere, people are suffering but God is saying even in this kind of pit Nigeria has found itself, we can still arise and shine” he said.

Rev. Osonwa expressed optimism that despite individual difficulties people of Abia and other states pass through, there is hope for them to arise and shine.

The clergy foresees hope for every youth irrespective of their challenges. He said the way God lifted David, Joseph, he will lift them if they stand on Jesus the Rock.


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