Kaduna-based Islamic scholar, Ahmad Gumi, has said Christians cannot be trusted with security in the country.

The controversial cleric stated this in a video sermon of over 14 minutes posted on his official Facebook page.

In the sermon, Gumi said the first coup d’etat in Nigeria was carried out by top Christian army officers.

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He argued that it is dangerous to entrust Nigeria’s national security to the hands of Christians and Southerners.

The cleric said Muslims appointed into top security positions are only figureheads and not in charge of military command and control.

The sermon which was delivered in Hausa had the cleric saying, “It is a decoy. Muslims are the heads of the Ministry of Defence, of what significance is it? The real people in charge of Command and Control, those holding the guns and shooting, are we the ones? 


“We are not the ones; they are playing us. There is an agenda. All means of money and economic power have been hijacked by them, they are planning to deceive us for four years and get eight years. They will not InshaAllah.

“I want to tell you, there is no way Northerners doing their legitimate business will get one billion naira. Our rich people cannot get anything except those they trust. They only trust them because they are doing what they want. Anyone whose loyalty they are not sure of, they will crush him in a few months.

“They will only come during elections like it is done to spread grains to chickens. If they spread grains to chickens, that’s all. Giving spaghetti to people is the solution, this spaghetti issue is a big deal. We are being cheated in this country and in a real mess.

“There’s one Reverend or Bishop during Buhari’s tenure who was saying to me that Muslims have hijacked power. I told him, ‘Yes and I am okay,’ because I knew the Chief of Army Staff would not attempt to attack me. Even if he will not protect me, he will not collaborate with some people to attack me. Our own people either in the military, police or the Department of State Services (DSS) will not be used to harm me, they will also not harm you who is talking as a Christian.

“Why am I walking with the police? You didn’t see me with police during Buhari’s government, despite my disagreement with them. It is because of this threat that we applied for police protection and they gave us. Even if the President doesn’t like me, he has to give me police protection or else he will be held responsible for my life.

“I am telling you people to be wise and don’t be fools because of God. These our Muslims politicians just want dollars to go on holidays, go for medical treatments and have forgotten the people. 

“They are targeting us and that was what I was telling that pastor/bishop that if we Muslims are in power with Muslims as heads of security agencies, we will not kill you but if we give you Christians power with your infidels as heads of security agencies, they will plan to kill me and I have examples.”



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