After a thorough assessment and painstaking review of the entrepreneurship prowess of Dr. Desmond Chima Anyaso, ALL FACTS NEWSPAPER MEDIA SUMMIT/AWARD EVENT management team have nominated the business tycoon as ALL FACTS NEWSPAPER (AFNEWS) ABIA ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2021.

Numerous reviews of the decision reached by the media event management team as regards the nomination of Dr. Desmond Chima Anyaso has returned positive.

In the same vein, Chima Anyaso Foundation was equally nominated for ALL FACTS NEWSPAPER (AFNEWS) ABIA NGO OF THE YEAR 2021. It is public knowledge that the foundation is actively involved in educational empowerment, capacity development, youth empowerment and numerous philanthropic activities for over 10 years now. Recently, a video of Chima Anyaso encounter with happy kids who are schooling in his free educational outfit went viral.  Dr. Desmond Chima Anyaso profile is attached below;


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Dr. Chima Anyaso is a result-driven chief executive officer with over 15 years practical experience leading a dynamic conglomerate and recording exponential growth. Recognized locally and internationally as one of Nigeria’s most outstanding young leaders of thought, Dr. Chima’s impact is not only felt in the board rooms but also in the slums. A consummate cooperate giant, an astute politician, A youth advocate and philanthropist, Dr. Chima is a man of many parts.

Born 16 September 1980, in Aba (Enyimba City), Abia State, Dr. Chima is a native of Igbere in Bende LGA. He had both his elementary and secondary education in Abia State and proceeded to Ebonyi State University where obtained BA. In English and Literature.

As a promising young boy, Chima as he was fondly called, had a keen interest in business and entrepreneurship. Despite being the last child of very comfortable parents, as a primary school pupil, he engaged in petty trading just to make extra cash during holidays. According to him, his passion for entrepreneurship was inspired by his parents who were both successful traders.

Knowing the importance of Education, Dr. Chima Anyaso also invested a good amount of time into academic pursuits. Some of his academic qualifications are; BA. in English and Literature, M.Sc in Management, University of Lagos, Executive Management Certification, Peter J Tobin College of Business, St. John’s University Manhattan, New York. After graduation, he worked variously at Elmline Nigeria Ltd, South Globe Ltd, Traqui Ltd, Geo Bureau de Change, where he picked up valuable experience and in the process made a considerable positive impression on peers and employers alike.


His stint at Aquitaine Oil and Gas Ltd was particularly significant on establishing his reputation as an upwardly mobile young man in the oil sector.

By 2006, he felt sufficiently proficient in his workings of the industry to resign from Aquitaine Ltd and form his own company CAADES Oil and Gas Ltd. It was an ambitious and quite risky move by any means given his young years, but it was to prove ultimately profound and somewhat providential given the speed with which the new concern was to grow. The growth of CAADES cumulated quickly in the formation of Ceecon Energy Oil and Gas Ltd., which was eventually to become the flagship of his cooperate fleet. In no time, Ceecon had secured a pride place in the country‘s Ivy league of petroleum conglomerates. The company had since generated a turnover in excess of $1 billions, consulting for such international companies as Addax and Vitol and engaging with such renowned multinationals as Total, Mobil, Onado, AP, Wabeco and so on.
Not surprisingly, his fecund entrepreneurial mind soon veered into new horizon. He founded SC & C Bureau de Change Ltd which was immediately among the class ‘A’ bureau de Change companies granted license by the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2009 to address foreign exchange inadequacies plaguing the country at the time. Chimbaland Properties & Investment Co Ltd has enormous interest in Lagos real estate, especially at the up-market end, while Oil Rigs Global Resources Ltd is designed as an ancillary to his petroleum sector interest.

Dr. Desmond Chimaobi Anyaso an astute,  businessman, investor and philanthropist, founder Chima Anyaso Foundation. Founder and sole sponsor of Ahuoma Anyaso Education Foundation, he is also the conveyor of #NN19. He is a recipients of Forbes rated African Achievers Award of community development and was awarded Democracy Youth Icon of the year 2017. He was selected by Vanguard Newspaper and Champion as one of the top 20 Business professionals in Nigeria.

His hobbies include travelling, playing tennis, listening to music, and watching football. He is a member of Ikoyi Club and is the Chairman Board of Trustees of Miles Club, and president of Umu Aba connect Association of Nigeria. Dr. Chima sits on the board of several companies with extensive interest in Real Estate Development, Hospitality and Lifestyle, Financial Services and Healthcare.

Driven by a passion to make a difference, Dr. Chima Anyaso is a man on a mission to bring development to his people and make positive impact in the Nigerian political space. His passion for community development has seen him commit much of his time and resources to educate the less privileged through the establishment of Ahuoma Anyaso Education Foundatio. An Ultra Modern tuition free nursery and primary school which he singlehandedly built and has sponsored for 11 years; paying staffs and providing school uniforms and writing materials for pupils. The school caters to over 500 pupils who are getting quality education absolutely free.

Through Chima Anyaso Foundation, he runs periodic free medical outreach across Bende Federal Constituency. Over the past one year, his foundation has provided free medical checkups to over 6,000 adult citizens across the 10 autonomous communities that make up  federal Constituency. Providing anti retro viral for AIDS patients in the area.

Dr. Chima Anyaso is a positive disruptor. A bold, outspoken and forthright national Youth leader, inspiring millions of young Nigerians. A successful businessman. He is a committed Christian. A loving Husband, Father and reliable friend.

He is very committed to human capital development, youth employment and promoting practical awareness amongst Nigerian Youths. He is happily married to Adanma and they are blessed with children. Dr. Chima Anyaso is a man on mission to make positive change.



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