A veteran broadcaster and the CEO Divine FM Radio Enugu, Ugomba Dr. Crystal Jane Ogechi Cosmas popular known as CJ Mama has decried the impact of poor power supply in the broadcast industry in the country, saying it cripples the development of the industry.

According to her, it costs a lot to buy diesel and fuel to power-generating sets to keep the operation of a broadcast organization running.

Ugomba Dr. Crystal Jane Ogechi Cosmas
Ugomba Dr. Crystal Jane Ogechi Cosmas

Speaking with ABN TV in Enugu, she said the unreliability of public power supply source makes it inevitable for industry operators to depend on generating set as only power source, urging for government intervention.

She further emphasized that the economic situation in the country does not encourage the development of the industry, saying advert, which is the basic funding source for media industry no more come in.


She attributed it to the economic difficulties facing businesses and families.

She however stressed that despite the difficulties, she would remain in operation as a result of her passion in the industry.

Ugomba Crystal who has 20 years experience in the industry said it’s a medium for her to feel the pulse of the people and give them a voice to communicate.

She, therefore, called on government to put measures in place to subsidize operation cost for media organisations to assist them play the role of nation-building more effectively.



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