It was very shocking to listen to Labour Party announce that they are going to use the Ngwa High School premises on a Thursday morning by 8 am when students are supposed to be in active session for the flag-off of Dr. Alex Otti’s governorship campaign in Abia state.

To every sane Abian who understands the importance of education and cares about the safety and well-being of our children the attempt on its own amounts to gross abuse of privilege and flagrant disregard and disrespect for the rights of the students and their teachers, how can any human being contemplate holding a political rally with all the dangers and insecurity associated with such political events in a school compound when students are holding lectures, it is insensitive, it is wicked, it is an abuse of the privilege of free political air that the government of Governor Ikpeazu is offering and should be condemned by every well-meaning Abian.

Apart from the destruction of facilities in the schools where such rallies are held, people also defecate and mess up the school premises and thereafter abandon it for the students and management of the school to use their active study time to engage in the clean up of their premises.

In this period of insecurity in our nation, it is high risk for anybody to hold political rallies when schools are in session as the security of students cannot be guaranteed under such circumstances and anybody who holds such rallies is an enemy of the public.

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Dr. Otti should not place his ambition above the security and future of our children and should be sensitive enough to consider the distraction and danger such a program will cause to the students.

Dr. Otti should please place the education and lives of our children above his personal and political interest if he truly cares for Abia and Abians.

I am therefore pleading with the Labour Party to please consider the lives of the students and their teachers and change the venue of the rally or please reschedule the event to a time and date when the students won’t be in session.

Uche Aguoru
Director E-Media Publicity
Uche Ndi Abia Campaign Organisation



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