Member representing Bende federal constituency, Hon. Benjamin Kalu has congratulated Chief Whip of the Nigerian Senate, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu as he marks 61 birthday today, describing him as an example of effective leadership, adding that he has attended the status of a statesman.

According to Hon. Kalu, who doubles as Spokesperson of the House of Representatives, Senator Kalu, representing Abia North has demonstrated that he has foresight by his calculated attempt to raise leaders which he said distinguishes Kalu from others.

In a congratulatory message he endorsed on Wednesday, Hon. Kalu said Kalu has hit the status of a statesman both in age and the quality of impact he has made in raising the society as a leader and bridge builder.

He also extolled the roles the former governor played in enhancing the welfare and development of the people when he held swear as the number one citizen in the state as well as the numerous developmental strides he has attracted since he became Senator in 1999.

Hon. Ben Kalu said, “Leaders are often swayed by the subtle pull of personal and selfish ambition. However, it takes a great leader with foresight, to raise others on this journey to greatness. This is a unique attribute that characterizes Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu, the Chief Whip of the Nigerian Senate.

“As the first democratically elected Governor of Abia State, the people of Abia saw a kind of leadership that portrayed action, passion, and responsiveness, which prompted him to be nicknamed ‘Action Governor’. He ensured that at the time of his leadership, there was no cry of hardship whatsoever from the citizens of Abia State. The former Governor made an indelible mark in the prompt payment of salaries and wages of workers, free education for children, and quality access roads in the nooks and crannies of the state.

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“His people-centered style of leadership which is imbibed in his personality and character did not wear off even as he eventually became the Senator of Abia North Senatorial Zone. In just 2 years in office, he has shown the effectiveness for which he is known in the projects he has attracted to his Senatorial Zone. Some of these projects include rehabilitation and construction of several kilometres of roads across Abia North, construction of several blocks of classrooms, erosion control projects for rural farmers, and provision of transformers in different communities. Sen. Kalu has continuously exemplified leadership as a form of service to the people and the people of Abia North are indeed glad to be blessed with such a pragmatic representation.”


While noting the efforts Sen. Kalu has put in place in building human capital, Hon. Kalu noted that the Senator’s service is need at national so that he can leverage on his experiential capacity to help bring solutions to the challenges facing the nation today.

“As a product of corporate Nigeria and a libertarian line of political ideology, Sen. Kalu has over the years remained a catalyst in the business of providing equitable leadership, job and wealth creation as well as enviable corporate governance having had a long spell in the business and political world both at home and in diaspora, this has enabled him to build the people around him, leveraging on human capacity development through education empowerment, financial assistance as well as soft loans to enable SMEs to thrive and grow within our economy.

“He is a true leader and voice of the Igbo land, who has represented the region in his words and his actions with a strong sense of belief in what the Igbo man deserves.

“Today marks another milestone in the life of this ebullient leader who has sacrificed so much for the realization of the collective wellbeing of his people and the society at large.

“Your Excellency, as you turn 61 today, it goes without saying that you have attained the revered status of Statesman, both by age and your contribution to society. As the Igbos are in search of leadership, you remain the highest-ranking Igbo political office holder in the nation. Therefore, I am hopeful that you will play a key role as a unifier across the southeast geopolitical zone by increasing the bridges of relationships and contacts that connect our people as a formidable bloc.

“But beyond this, having attended the age of a statesman, your interest in state crafting should be reflective of the yearnings of not just the Igbos but the nation at large. You turn 61 while occupying the all-important position of the Chief Whip of the Senate. It is therefore ideal for you to look beyond the Igbo nation in your statesmanship since, at this point, the entire nation is your constituency, not just Abia North. Your capacity supersedes a senatorial district. I urge you to continue in your concerted effort to unify the nation as nothing is more critical than that currently.

“I am also convinced of your commitment at this time to support the government’s political and economic policies that have the element of unity that breeds the harmony needed to fight insurgency, secession, and promote the peace we long for. I believe that as insecurity threatens Igbo land, through your significant leadership, it will be prioritized and your strength will be shown in bringing it to an end.

“We appreciate all the wonderful decisions you have taken on behalf of society and pray that as you add one more year today, the universe continues to be kind to you and that all your gestures and sacrifices will bring you fulfillment in life. May God grant you many more years in health and wealth as you continue to render selfless service to humanity.”



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