The All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, has commended Gov. Alex Otti and the Abia State House of Assembly for abolishing the law that recommended pensions for former Governors of the state and their Deputies.

This is as the party has blasted the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Alhaji Abdullahi Ganduje for his alleged derogatory remarks against Gov. Chukwuma Soludo of Anambra State, and APGA.

APGA, in a statement by the National Vice Chairman, Rev. Augustine Ehiemere; and the National Organising Secretary, Emmanuel Igbokwe, saluted the courage of the governor and the lawmakers in abrogating the pension law which the party described as self-serving.

The party said that the abolished law was never in the interest of the people but “only protected the selfish interests of the few that had made themselves so rich at the expense of the people.”

APGA insisted that “Abia’s resources should be deployed evenly to promote public interest and developments across all sectors and strata of society.”

The party, however, urged the governor not to renege in his campaign promise to clear the backlog of pension arrears of Abia retirees and salary arrears of workers which accumulated under the watch of his predecessors.

APGA noted that life had become miserable for many pensioners in the state due to “gross neglect and careless attitude of previous administration.”

It, therefore, urged the governor not to dash the hope of Abia pensioners, who now look forward to the governor’s promise to pay them the accumulated arrears.

The party which commended the governor over his efforts to develop the state especially his infrastructural strides, also urged him to clear the salary arrears of Abia workers which accumulated in the previous administrations.

On the controversy over the 24 hours power supply in Aba following the inauguration of Geometric Power Plant, APGA cautioned the Governor’s media handlers against unnecessary media propaganda.

APGA said that “while the governor’s role in facilitating the project is commendable, members of the public should be allowed to sing the praise of the Governor based on verifiable evidence.”


” We are all happy that at last the Geometric Power Plant Aba has come on board. We are also very hopeful that public power supply in Aba will improve in the days ahead. But for now, the blind man can only be told that there is no enough oil and not salt in the soup”, APGA said.

On the alleged anti-Soludo comments by Alhaji Ganduje, APGA said the former Kano Governor had “no moral justification to criticise any governor considering his woeful outing as Governor.”

APGA described as “a reckless outburst”, a remark by Ganduje that “re-electing APGA in Anambra will be a political dislocation”.

The party said that APC would not have lost Kano in the 2023 elections “if Ganduje had done well as Governor for eight years”

APGA further said that “all the APC states in the South East have the worst cases of insecurity compared to Anambra that is relatively peaceful owing to Gov. Soludo’s efforts and security proactive initiatives”.

The statement read in part, “APC National Chairman’s remark on the political fortunes of APGA is reckless. He should rather hide his face in shame for causing APC to lose Kano in 2023 due to his lackluster outing as governor.

“He should first clear himself from the stain of the viral video that showed the form of somebody like him acting a script in a movie. The disgraceful memory of that absurdity is still fresh on the minds of Nigerians.

” What legacies did Ganduje live in Kano other political vendetta, victimisation and deposing of revered Emirs who did not share his jundiced views? Regrettably, his activities and ineptitude have set the most populous Northern state 20 years backwards. Anambra people do not need his unsolicited toxic political counsel to know what they need”.

APGA commended Governor Soludo for his giant developmental strides which it said, had transformed Anambra into a model state in Nigeria.

The party said that Governor Soludo had within two years of his administration, posted incontrovertible achievements that had distinguished him as a hero.

” APGA is very proud of Professor Soludo who has changed the face of governance in Anambra State. With his achievements so far within two years he has superintendent the affairs of Anambra State, he has recorded undeniable achievements in every corner of the state. We are proud of him and urge him to sustain the tempo”.



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