In a landmark moment for Nigerian football, eight female players have been signed by Dembava FK, a top-tier football club in Lithuania. This development marks a significant milestone in the careers of these talented athletes.

8 Nigerian Female Footballers Sign With Dembava FK Lithuania (Photos)

Lithuania, a Schengen country known for its high standard of living and advanced economy, offers a unique opportunity for these players to showcase their skills in a professional setting. The country boasts a strong football tradition, and Dembava FK is committed to fostering the growth of women’s football.

In a departure from the traditional scouting process, HRM King Apostle Chibuzor, General Overseer of OPM, invited club owners and decision-makers to Nigeria to conduct trials. This innovative approach ensures that selected players secure direct contracts, eliminating the uncertainty of trials in Europe.


The signed players will enjoy a comprehensive package, including flight tickets, visas, salaries, and free accommodation. This historic signing is a testament to the dedication and vision of HRM King Apostle Chibuzor and Dembava FK. As the players embark on this new chapter, they carry the hopes and dreams of Nigerian football fans worldwide.

The signing of the male players is expected to take place tomorrow, further solidifying the partnership between OPM and Dembava FK.

This groundbreaking collaboration paves the way for more opportunities in European football, inspiring a new generation of Nigerian players.



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