Many iPhone users are unaware of the junk on their phones which have been occupying larger spaces. Most people keep this junk intentionally while others do even know there are large files that need to be disposed of to create more space on their iOS.

If your phone has been giving you warnings of low storage space or not, don’t panic or think of how to upgrade your phone for now. There are ways to clear storage on the iPhone. Below are the various ways to clear storage on your iPhone.

1. Check phone usage

This is the first and most important step to take. It is important to know how much space you have left and also to discover the apps that have been occupying most of the space. This will help you decide the ones you need and the ones you need to discard as soon as possible. To achieve this, go to settings, then go to General. Click on Storage and then open manage storage. Here you will find the calculated analysis of the apps in use and how much space you have left. You also get to see the list of apps and how much space it has consumed.

2. Uninstall unnecessary apps

These are apps you haven’t used in a long time and you can also do without. Most times we end up keeping them because we feel there might be a need to use them in future and since the future is not here now, it is best that you trash them.
To achieve this, go to Settings, tap General, and click on storage. Here you get to see the apps listed from the biggest size to the smallest. Below the app’s name, you would see the Last Used feature. This shows apps you haven’t used in a while. If you haven’t used it in a while and it is occupying too much space, check the size of the app and then delete it or uninstall it temporarily.

3. Delete some pictures or music

You can recover a lot of space on your iPhone by deleting some music or pictures, especially old collections. You can also check for duplicate files, documents, videos and pictures. Most of us download some files forgetting we have those files on our phones. This will occupy more space. Delete them to create more space.


4. Transfer some of your files

Just in case your phone contains a lot of pictures, videos or files that you can’t dispose of, you can get alternative storage like flash drives or Dropbox. You can download the app on Apple Store, create an account, and then transfer your files. With this, you get to save your files and save your files at the same time.

5. Stream your songs

To save more space on your phone, you can stream your music instead of downloading and storing every single song. This will make you save up space and still listen to your favorite songs. With online streaming apps, you can download your favorite tracks or albums.

6. Clear your browser

Since you browse on your phone using the web in Safari or Chrome, there are possibilities that your phone might be storing caches and other data that occupies space on your iPhone. Clearing these data would wow you at how much space you will be recovering. To clear Safari cache, go to Settings, find Safari then click on Clear History and website.
If you use Chrome, open Chrome on your iPhone, tap Options, and then Settings. Click on Privacy and then clear browsing data.

7. Delete offline files

Downloaded videos on apps like YouTube, Netflix and Spotify take up larger space than you can ever imagine. Why should you save videos you’ve watched years back when your iPhones.



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