Between January and July of this year, 5,166 Nigerians were killed, while 1,830 people were abducted across the country.

This is according to Beacon Consultancy’s 2023 Nigeria Security Report, an Abuja-based security risk management and intelligence consultancy firm.

749 Nigerians were killed in January, 624 in February, 961 in March, 707 in April, 679 in May, 854 in June, and 592 in July, according to a report gained by our correspondent on Wednesday.

In addition, 208 Nigerians were kidnapped in January, 173 in February, 411 in March, 302 in April, 168 in May, 239 in June, and 329 in July.


Speaking on the rising trend of insecurity in the country that has continued to claim lives and property, a retired Colonel, Hassan Stan-Labo, who recently spoke to The PUNCH, blamed the government for failing in its responsibility to protect the lives of its citizens.

Stan-Labo said, “The killing of Nigerians results from banditry, ongoing attacks in communities. The past government never took us seriously, in the last eight years, our security situation. We have a government that is insensitive, nonchalant, and has not shown commitment to taking care of the people.”

The Chief Executive Officer, of Beacon Intel and a security expert, Kabir Adamu, said there has been a further collapse of social order and a yawning distrust between government and citizens.

He said, “The federal and state governments need to enhance collaboration for enhanced administration of criminal justice and the restoration of social order by addressing the root causes of these challenges, including drug addiction, socio-economic grievances, poverty, unemployment, and the effects of climate change and the proliferation of small arms and light weapons.”




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