Ahead of the inauguration of Nigeria’s 10th National Assembly on June 13, 2023, and the anticipated election of the Senate president, the All Progressives Congress (APC), South Korea Chapter has appealed to senators-elect across political parties to prioritize equity, justice, inclusiveness, and fairness as guiding principle in the selection of its leadership.

The APC Diaspora members in a communique after a meeting in Seoul, Korea South last weekend, noted that as Nigerians in Diaspora and members of the governing party, they express happiness over the nation’s 4 years of democratic journey, with inauguration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and Vice President Kashim Shetima as well as 28-newly elected state governors. It called on elected political leaders on good governance, democracy dividends, and improved service delivery to citizens.

Recall that the Dispapora chapter of the ruling party had in April endorsed Orji Kalu for the No 3 Office. However, further pressing their request in a statement on Tuesday by the Party’s South Korea Chairman, Hon. Yuccee Uwah appealed to the 107 Senators-elect to toe the path of justice, equity, and fairness by supporting the emergence of the two-time former Abia Governor.

Yuccee highlighted Kalu’s contributions to the strengthening of the party in the South-East and the entire country, adding that the Senate Chief Whip possessed the required exposure and competence to lead his colleagues in the Senate, if they offered him their support.

The statement reads partly;

“As Nigerians in Diaspora and members of the APC, hearty congratulations to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Vice President Kashim Shetima, and 28 new governors on their successful inauguration on Monday, May 29, 2023. It was a momentous occasion for Nigeria’s democratic credentials, continuously thriving for 24 years. Proudly Nigerians, we join other patriots to restate that democracy has come to stay in Nigeria. Our country is the right path to consolidation of civil governance, keeping hope renewed, and ensuring our nation reaches its destination of democracy, economic and social development.”

“As we await inauguration of the 10th National Assembly, we respectfully appeal to Senators-elect and House of Representatives members-elect to place national interests ahead of other considerations. It is a truism that democracy thrives on a tripod of equity, justice, and inclusiveness, and these are irreducible minimums. The 2023 Elections have come and gone; winners declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

“It is incumbent for members of the National Assembly to approach the selection of its leaders with all sense of responsibility by voting for competence and credible leadership, prioritizing equity, justice, and inclusivity. Globally, governments’ and parliaments’ decisions aim to advance equity, justice, and inclusiveness. Therefore, as Nigeria aspires to build a strong and virile democracy in our dear country, as the representatives of the Nigerian people, the decisions you will make affect, generations yet unborn.”


“The APC Korea, therefore, notes that having review political developments in Nigeria it is imperative that Nigerian Senate votes for Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, the current Senate Chief Whip, whom it argued possess huge democratic credential to merit the position, given his extensive leadership experience in private sector, public administration, and political leadership.

“The former governor of Abia state and a founding member of a national political movement in Nigeria, Kalu has the required exposure and competence to lead his colleagues in the Senate, if they offer him their support.

“After a thorough review of current political environment in Nigeria, we are convinced that there is a need to ensure spread in the distribution of top-level positions in the country using the principle of equity, justice, and inclusiveness to ensure that no part of the country is and/or perceived to be marginalized in distribution of positions, and resources.”

“As a candidate Senator Orji Uzor Kalu embodies equity and fairness. He has been a strong advocate for national unity and has worked tirelessly to ensure that the voices of Nigerian people are heard through his record of achievements in the Senate and other endeavours. As a former governor of Abia state, he has a proven track record of leadership, innovative ideas, and has shown the high level of commitment required to lead the 109 Senate as its presiding officer.

“Senator Kalu’s election as the president of the Nigerian Senate would not only be a victory for Nigeria but will equally be for the integration of Nigerians that believe in equity, justice, fairness, and inclusion. He has requisite experience, the vision, and the leadership qualities needed to steer the Senate towards a brighter future. His commitment to the rule of law, transparency, and accountability is exactly what Nigeria needs at this critical time in its history.”

“We call on all Senators-elect to put aside personal interests and consider the greater good of the Nigerian people. Senator Kalu is the right choice for the presidency of the Nigerian Senate, and we urge all senators to support him in his bid for this important position. Let us work together to build a Nigeria that is fair and just, where every citizen has an equal opportunity to succeed. Senator Orji Uzor Kalu is the leader who can make this vision a reality.

“It is our hope that members of our great party in the House of Representatives, including our leader, President Bola Tinubu support Senator Orji Uzor Kalu’s ambition to the Senate Presidency in line with the principle of equity, justice, and inclusiveness for the people of South East Nigeria to have a sense of belonging.

“As Nigerians in the Diaspora, we remain hopeful that the National will build all political parties to work together to support the emergence of Senator Kalu as his commitment to join hands with the President to build a strong and virile democracy that advances national development.



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