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Celebrating A Down-To-Earth Boss Ifeanyi Okali



Sir Udensi Greets ABN TV Boss Mr. Okali On His Birthday

By Alex Enemanna 

Counting my basket of blessings from the virtual space, you undoubtedly come first, because I never knew I could gain this much from social media especially with the bizarre, heart-rending stories and tales of sadness people tell about their individual experiences of the beautiful new world.

Coming in contact with you signposted a new testimony in my life, birthing a working relationship which has lasted over four fruitful years and still getting better.

At the infant days of my journalistic career when I occasionally scribbled a piece, I bumped into your page and reluctantly sent a direct message, appealing for the publication of my piece. Upon the receipt of an auto-reply which reads ‘Hi Enemanna, thanks for your message. We are not here right now, but we’ll get back to you soon!’ I automatically gave up and hoping for no other response.

I was dead wrong. Before I could say ‘Ala Ngwa’ a reply came, requesting for my mobile number. While I was hoping to be handed my bill, like other of his online publisher colleagues, he simply asked when I want my piece published. Like ‘play play’ the journey of two strange fellows who were brought together by the blue app blossomed and became a mutually beneficial relationship.

A boss who relates and interacts with his staff like friends and brothers, a boss who eats from the same plate with his staff, a boss whose humility is natural and unpretentious, a boss who puts the welfare of those around him above his, a boss whose words is his bond, a boss who invests in the development of his staff without looking back, a boss whose mind is always open and receptive to counselling, a boss full of contentment, honour and unscathed integrity, a boss very innovative minded and never gets tired of putting professionalism at forefront.

Highly apolitical, with zero bias and interest, his passion for truth and responsible journalism is not in doubt. A man who is ready to report even himself cares no hoot about whose ego is bruised when truth is at stake.

I believe at the right time the story of this Ebem, Ohafia-born young man who has touched many lives from his little corner will be told. A man who sees solution where others see problem. A personification of workaholic who sacrifices personal comfort to ensure that even the most negligible thing is gotten right.

Word cannot quantify how much we appreciate you Sir. On behalf of the entire staff of ABN TV, we congratulate and wish you a happy birthday.

Collectively we pray God to rain you with ceaseless blessings and bring unprecedented calm and rest of mind in all areas of your life.


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