Sir Udensi Carpets Gov. Ikpeazu Over Comment On Osisioma Flyover, Says Governor Not Embarking On Project With His Personal Money

A chieftain of APGA in Abia State, Sir Chikwe Udensi has expressed disappointment over a comment attributed to the state governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu about the lingering Osisioma flyover project, saying the governor erred.

The governor had in an interview with newsmen queried why they were concerned about the project, that it is his initiative and that some persons raising concern about it have no vehicle to use the bridge when completed.

Reacting to the comment in a radio programme Open Parliament which was streamed live by ABN TV, Sir Udensi a governorship aspirant on the platform of APGA said the governor ought not to have answered with such arrogance, adding that the governor is not embarking on the project with his personal money rather a collective wealth of Abians.

He noted that the governor was elected by the masses whom he should be accountable to.

He said that the overhead bridge is his initiative, that he designed it, that he is building it, that the man (journalist) has no business asking that question.

“I am sure the young man is from Abia and it is our collective wealth we are talking about, we are not talking about his personal money.

“We are talking about collective reward of Abians, and he is accountable to every Abian, he is answerable to them.

“The reason for which he talked about the man (journalist) not having vehicle himself, that was a little bit not the language for His Excellency, if you are an Excellency, there are some level of language that you ought not to be involved with.

“My thinking is that every governor of a state has a direct responsibility to questions and answers, from every citizen of the state, because we are talking about the people’s money, not individual’s money, so every money expended, the way it is expended, how it is has been expended, should be accounted to the people” he said.

He dismissed insinuations that the governor was trying to be humorous, maintaining that it is a humour taken too far.

Sir Udensi maintained that the infrastructural strength of Abia should be developed, adding that the state has enough resources to embark on infrastructural renewal.

He said infrastructure helps in boosting business activities, noting that people will not be attracted to invest where there is not infrastructure.

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